Adapted from the words I routinely share on this day:

Today is the day.

I always had a feeling about him. There were times I couldn’t shake him from my mind and I spent a lot of nights wondering why this random, young and seemingly uninterested guy consumed my thoughts so easily.

As soon as we got together, I understood. We were meant to be together. Whether you believe in Soul Mates or Fate or Destiny or whatever, we were meant to be together. Nothing has ever felt so right in all of my life and as long as I’m with him I know that I can get through anything. Together, he and I can do anything. I look at the life we have built together, the most difficult of times, the most celebratory of events, and I am so grateful that we have only come through it all stronger.

Seven moves. The addition of a child. The passing of grandmothers, fathers, aunts, pets, and the life we thought we would be living. . .

In some ways, we have circled right back around to where we were ten years ago, and in most other ways, we are simply worlds away. Through it all, what never changes are the words I spoke to him on our wedding day. . .

My entire life I have been told what a strong person I am. You recognize my strength and honor it, but you allow me to be what I haven’t been because I’ve been too busy being strong.

You do something for me that hasn’t always been done. You allow me to be weak. You take care of me and hold me when I’m scared and shaking. You balance me when I’m angry and raging.

You hold me and love me without judgment. Without patronization. And without the expectation that I must stay strong. You have helped me to find and to be myself.

I am committed to doing the same for you.

Guided by Air, I give you my word, my trust and my Truth.

Guided by Fire, I give you my passion, my inspiration and my creativity.

Guided by Water, I give you my heart, my love and my compassion.

Guided by Earth, I give you my strength, my patience and my practicality.

Guided by Spirit, I give you my soul. I promise to be with you now and always. Through all the lives we will live.

I love you, Jesse. One thousand times, yes. I marry you. I marry you. I marry you.

Happy 10th Anniversary! I adore you.