In 2010 my oldest daughter, Jessica, sustained a severe traumatic brain injury at the age of ten. The ease at which I share the details of April 29, 2010 ebbs and flows, and today I’m feeling more ebb than flow.

This is to the point of this post. The details of her injury/accident/our Hurricane are detailed in a memoir I self-published in 2014 called “Guide Her Home: A Year of Hope after a Child’s Tragedy”.  This book chronicles the first year of our life after my daughter’s life was changed forever.

The day I launched Guide Her Home, one of my adopted-as-adult sisters asked: “So, when will the next one be out?”

That question has stuck with me for the past five and a half years. I’ve known I wanted to write … a companion piece (“sequel” doesn’t feel like the right word), but a lot has happened since 2014, and time doesn’t slow for anyone.

But neither does inspiration.

As time marched on, the ideas for the companion piece continued to come, I continue to feel guided to write it and I ultimately realized if I don’t write it, I will regret it.

I’ve reached the point of leaping and hoping the net will appear. I’ve gone through the raw material I used when creating Guide Her Home because I know there is some information in there that didn’t make it into the first book that might fit nicely into this one. I’ve reformed my focus group, I’ve created the first campaign letter for the crowdfunding that will need to happen (self-publishing is expensive), I have ordered business cards, address labels and have even started to plan the launch party. I’ve contacted my editor and cover designer and am waiting for one more quote for interior design.

All of this is for naught if I don’t actually write the book.

When I was working on Guide Her Home, it wasn’t until I created the crowdfunding campaign that I was able to push through the last 30,000 words in six weeks. There is something to be said for promising to provide something to people who are paying me money for that thing. It motivates me to get things done to get the debt paid.

So, here I am. Announcing the name of the book and the timeframe and hoping it will help motivate me in the same way. I will be working to post updates of my progress. Instagram is probably the best place to get a sneak at anything shared, as I am most prolific on that platform. (

In the meantime, please save the date for April 29, 2020.

We will hold an anniversary dinner in honor of the tenth anniversary of our Hurricane day, at which time we will launch the companion piece to Guide Her Home, entitled:  “Ignite Your Bones”.