Jolene Lavine is a married mom of two’ish/four’ish who believes in signs, following your gut instincts, supporting the underdog and believing in the power of your dreams. Jolene’s first book, Guide Her Home: A Year of Hope After a Child’s Tragedy, was self-published in September of 2014. Lovingly supported by her husband Jesse, she continues to pursue a career in writing. She is working on her second book, Ignite Your Bones, which is currently planned to be a companion piece to Guide Her Home.

Jolene spends her time writing, knitting, singing, and taxiing her kids to and fro. She dreams of one day having a Lush-worthy bathtub again, as well as promoting her book nationally, and finding a way to grant any of Jessica’s “wishes”.

She accepts commission orders for writing, knitting, baking, and Pinterest craft projects.

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